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A boutique winery from the coastal region of Uruguay, rooted in the countryside.


Our Story

For the Viganó family, the seas and rivers have inspired them to cross them again and again. Previous generations did it and their contemporaries did it again. They go back and forth until they feel as comfortable on one side as on the other. Whether east or west, a nearby riverbank is enough of a landmark for them to begin a new way of life.

Our Wines

The great quality of our wines is due to the hard work of our people.

A wine is born from its grapes, and those grapes depend on their terroir. That is the secret of our wines.
On the shores of Carmelo, the Paraná River and the Uruguay River converge, giving birth to the Río de La Plata. This is reflected in two unique characteristics of our terroir.
On the one hand, we have a wide diversity of soils, product of the convergence of several geological plates. These soils provide power and typicity to our wines.
On the other hand, this strategic location generates a microclimate where the grapes ripen between the heat of February and the rains of March. By harvesting in this time window, we achieve grapes of excellent ripeness, reflected in their aromas and flavors, with well-developed tannins and optimal alcohol content from our vines.
Carmelo's terroir is unique in Uruguay and is reflected in our high-quality wines.

The Campotinto Experience

Come and enjoy everything we have to offer in our winery, with different options for enjoying a unique setting.

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Camino de los Peregrinos S/N, Carmelo, Uruguay
Teléfono: 00598 4542-7744
Whatsapp: 00598 98 588-428

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